We opened in 2017 with a vision of bringing great music, good vibes, quality drinks, and delicious food to our home town of Gibsons, BC, and that’s just what we’ve done. Once a mechanic’s shop, The 101 is now Upper Gibsons’ community hub, and it’s thanks to a crew of talented and passionate people. Scroll down to meet the team!

Sonia Martinez, Head Distiller at The 101

Sonia Martinez

The adjective “craft” is everywhere these days, but Sonia’s craft isn’t just a marketing buzzword – it’s a relationship between the distiller and her still, the farmer who tills the soil, and the growing plants that will yield their flavours to the spirit. It’s the practice of honing her senses to make the most precise cuts, saving the purest hearts for the barrel. And it’s the patience to wait until those hearts have matured, deep in the oak, into the finest golden nectar. Before she became a distiller, Sonia developed her craft as a farmer, a herbalist, and a viticulturist. She’s excited to bring her passion for plants and flavours and her diverse skill set to The 101, where she is developing an ambitious range of gins, liqueurs, and whiskies.

Daniel Wesley, Product Ambassador at The 101

Daniel Wesley

It was no accident that Daniel and his family moved to the Sunshine Coast in the summer of 2017. Having released nine albums and played hundreds of shows across the country, Daniel Wesley has become a western Canadian beach music icon. And the beach, of course, is what the Coast is all about. These days you can find him in Roberts Creek, with his two kids and his wife Melisa, living his life in a laid-back way.

Chris & Kelly, owners

Kelly & Chris Greenfield

Chris and Kelly Greenfield wanted nothing more than to build something unique in their local community. With a depth of experience in the service industry, this couple have jumped straight in to the energetic community and social scene that makes up the Sunshine Coast. Both Kelly, who was raised in the area, and Chris, who long ago fell in love with the beauty and lifestyle that the coast had to offer, are excited to contribute to the place that they are passionate about. Surrounded by a group of dedicated and talented individuals, these two have worked hard to build a business with its foundations in strong ethics and true craft, one that is helping to redefine life on the Sunshine Coast.

David, owner

David Longman

101 co-owner David Longman is a Gibsons local who has changed gears to open his dream establishment alongside friends and business partners. Coming from a background in construction and development, Dave saw in the Upper Gibsons neighbourhood an opportunity to bring people together through a unique industry, and to create a welcoming space to share quality products. Enthusiastic in seeing the Sunshine Coast becoming more diversified, Dave wanted to create a place that was simple and honest, built around a feeling that would resonate with each person who walked through the door.