Since its inception, The 101 Brewhouse + Distillery has been bringing people together on the Sunshine Coast. A positive community for impassioned individuals to create, experiment and share, The 101 is all about quality products and the belief that they can be fashioned in your own backyard. Originally an automotive mechanic’s, The 101 workshop of today honours its blue collar roots, with an entirely new form of craftsmanship. The first establishment in the area to merge craft beer, small batch spirits and locally inspired dishes is now a well-rounded community hub conveniently located on the Sunshine Coast Highway. Through urban inspired flavours and a west coast feel, we strive to create an authentic experience for each person who walks through the door.

Matt Cavers

The first homebrew that Matt Cavers made was a refreshing yet potent ginger beer. At least that was what it was meant to be. Most of it ended up on the floor of a Queen’s University graduate student apartment when the lids blew off the bottles. But he cleaned the floor, started over, and for the next few years he balanced a graduate education in human geography with a growing passion for brewing. It wasn’t until he had passed comprehensive exams and submitted a thesis proposal for his doctorate that Matt realized he needed a fundamental change – which was, in 2013, to put down his books and take up a job at a fledgling Gibsons brewery as a delivery driver, keg washer, tasting room server, cellar hand, and, eventually, brewer. He never looked back at grad school. Now, as Head Brewer at The 101, he dedicates himself to crafting delicious and innovative beers that people will get excited about, and he considers even the longest days spent cleaning tanks and shovelling grain far better than the ones he might have spent marking undergraduate essays.

Mark, bar manager

Mark Reed

Bar Manager Mark Reed has found himself a niche here at The 101. A Lower Mainland native, Mark discovered early on that he had both the talent, and the inclination to excel behind a well-stocked bar. Each cocktail crafted and evening curated throughout Mark’s career has served as a canvas to develop his passion for mixology and bar operations. Mark’s broad skill set and years of experience in the service industry have earned him a strong reputation, leading him through management roles and ownership before finally bringing him across the Howe Sound, to the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Here, at The 101, you can find Mark in his element, concocting unique recipes and adding his own twists to the classics; crafting cocktails from The 101’s very own spirits.

Chris & Kelly, owners

Kelly & Chris Greenfield

Chris and Kelly Greenfield have partnered up with Dave, and the rest of the team at The 101 Brewhouse + Distillery to build something different in their local community. With plenty of experience in the service industry, this couple have jumped straight in to the energetic community and social scene that makes up the Sunshine Coast Ale Trail. Both Kelly, who was raised in the area, and Chris, who long ago fell in love with the beauty and lifestyle that the coast had to offer, are excited to contribute to the place that they are passionate about. Surrounded by a group of dedicated and talented individuals, these two have worked hard to build a business with its core in ethics and craft, one that is helping to redefine life on the Sunshine Coast.

David, owner

David Longman

101 co-owner David Longman is a Gibsons local who has changed gears to open his dream establishment alongside friends and business partners. Previously a landlord to surrounding commercial buildings, Dave saw an opportunity to bring people together through a unique industry, and to create an inclusive space to share quality made products. Enthusiastic in seeing the Sunshine Coast becoming more diversified, Dave wanted to create a place that was simple and honest, built around a feeling that would resonate with each person who walked through the door.